HCII2023 Student Design Competition: Video Presentations

In the context of the HCII2023 Student Design Competition, the following video submissions have been accepted for presentation, as a series of rolling video presentations, during the conference.

All accepted video clip submissions are being evaluated by a seven-member international committee acting as the jury to select the three award winners.

The awards will be announced and conferred during the Opening Plenary Session of the Conference on Tuesday, 25 July, 18:30 - 20:00 CEST (Copenhagen).

All accepted video submissions, together with a short abstract, will be accessible to all registered conference participants through the Whova platform, under the Student Design Competition section of the Poster area, for the entire six-day period of the conference, from Sunday, 23 July to Friday, 28 July.
Conference participants will be able to pose their questions to presenters using all the communication channels available through the platform (chat, email etc).

Furthermore, all accepted video submissions will be repeatedly presented for the entire duration of the main conference (Wednesday 26 July, 10:00 to Friday 28 July, 16:00) in the Exhibition/Posters/Coffee Break Area . Authors are welcome to attend the rolling video presentations during the above days and times in order to meet interested conference participants and discuss the work presented in their video clip.

Developing Flight Data Broadcast to Facilitate Remote Pilot Operations and Enhance the Human-Machine Interface
Arthur Nichanian, Switzerland
Applying Touchscreen as Flight Control Inceptor: Investigating the Perceived Workload of Interacting with Sidestick and Touchscreen Inceptors
Jingyi Zhang, Wen-Chin Li, Wojciech Tomasz Korek, United Kingdom
User-friendly Cognitive Assessment: Design for the Usability of Digital Mahjong System
Enze Hu, P.R. China
Silent Sparrows - Exploration in Augmented Reality Hybrid Installations
Christy Ye, United States
Garden - Survey into how interactive art and music elevate player creativity
Yimeng Chen, United States
Fitness Bow: an Intelligent Supervised Motion System
Lirong Che, Suzhen Zhang, Yan Dong, Yanran Chen, P.R. China
ACCESS+: A Museum Application Co-designed with People with Intellectual Disabilities
Leandro S. Guedes, Valentina Ferrari, Davide Trupia, Switzerland
Usability evaluation of an emergency alerting system to improve discreet communication during emergencies
Elizabeth Manikath, Germany; Wen-Chin Li, United Kingdom
Smart Kiosks for Older Adults: A Case Study for Self-Services in Bank Branches
Jingjing Cao, Shilin Pan, Changchun Jiang, Jia Zhou, P.R. China
AR-Based Folklore Storytelling Mobile Application Design for Culture and Heritage Preserving among Children in Indonesia
Shavira Andysa, Aisha Hariansyah, Anastasya Anirudha, Rizieq Hentihu, Indonesia
Smart Sewing Product Design for Transform Old Clothes Based on Multimodal Interaction
Liya Dong, Jiayi Zhang, Dong Lee, P.R. China
A food inventory management system using smart sensors and a mobile app to efficiently monitor and reduce household food waste.
Riya Thomas, Nisarg Rajpura, Radhika Bhoj, Mansi Kasar, United States
Life Underwater: A Virtual Reality Experience Below the Sea - Plastic Pollution on Marine Life, Human Responsibilities and Design Approach
Linh Dao, United States
Human'- ethical reflection on identity in a future cyberworld
Lanxi Xiao, P.R. China
Pexels-Empathy interactive toys for children with color vision deficiency
Ming-Wei Kang, Taiwan
An Open-Source Robotic Study Companion for University Students
Farnaz Baksh, Guyana; Matevz Zorec, Slovenia
An Interactive Digital Twin of a Composite Manufacturing Process for Training Operators via Immersive Technology
Iman Jalilvand, Abbas S. Milani, Canada
FUNgi: An Interactive Toy Designed for Young Children Based on e-Textile Material
Xinyi Guo, P.R. China