T13: How to Design User-Friendly Dashboards

Tuesday, 25 July 2023, 13:30 - 17:30 CEST (Copenhagen)
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Abbas Moallem (short bio)

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering,
San Jose State University, USA



With a growing need for mass data visualization, most business and consumer applications display a dashboard page that overviews the system status and content. But, what are the basic principles of designing effective and intuitive dashboards? This introductory/ intermediate course in dashboard design will provide an overview of the fundamentals for designing and evaluating effective dashboards. It will also explore the main challenges of designing dashboards and how they can be addressed. Participants will then evaluate several dashboards and practice building an effective dashboard to better understand the challenges and constraints of designing dashboards.


Content and benefits:

The first section of the tutorial will be used to review the fundamental principles of designing dashboards. Participants will then practice evaluating several example dashboards. The participants will then build an effective dashboard following the guidelines and principles taught in the previous section.
The tutorial will feature presentations, small group activities, and discussions to enhance learning. The presentations will examine the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Fundamental Principles of Dashboard Design
  • Visual Designs
  • Mass Data Visualization
  • Evaluating Dashboard User Interfaces
  • Building Effective Dashboards


Target Audience:

Potential beneficiaries of this course may be:

  • People who are involved with UI/UX design
  • User Interface Developers and Designers
  • HCI professionals with interest in UX design
  • Researchers already working in UX design
  • App Designers

Bio Sketch of Presenter:

Abbas Moallem, Ph.D., is a consultant and adjunct professor at San Jose State University, California, where he teaches human-computer interaction, cybersecurity, information visualization, and human factors. He is the program chair of HCI-CPT, the International Conference on HCI for Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Trust.

Dr. Moallem is the editor of HCI in Cybersecurity Handbook and the author of Cybersecurity Awareness among College Students and Faculty. His two recent books are Smart and Intelligent System and Understanding Cybersecurity Technologies: A Guide to Selecting the Right Cybersecurity Tools, published by CRC Press.

He is also the editor of a book series from CRC Press titled The Human Element in Smart and Intelligent Systems.