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About Volunteering

The HCII2023 Program for Student Volunteers gives College and University full time students from around the world the opportunity to attend ‘in-person’ and contribute to one of the most prestigious conferences in the field of computing and HCI. HCII2023 Student Volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with researchers, academics and practitioners from various related disciplines and meet other students with diverse educational and cultural background.

The skills, talents and dedication of the Student Volunteers contribute to the overall quality of the Conference.

The Student Volunteer role involves a range of duties to be performed ‘in-person’, including, but not limited to:

  • assisting in the running of hybrid sessions;
  • assisting the Conference Secretariat team;
  • assisting Conference participants;
  • contributing to the overall smooth running of the Conference functions.


Undergraduate, Master's, or Ph.D. College and University full time students during the academic year 2022-2023, regardless of related discipline, are eligible for consideration.


Availability for at least 3 days between the 23rd and 28th of July 2023.

Applicants selected for a Student Volunteer position are expected to offer a total of 24 hours of volunteering work ‘in-person’.

Important Dates

14 February 2023
(extended deadline)
Application Deadline

31 March 2023 (new deadline)
Initial Acceptance and Reserve List announcement

14 February 2023 onwards
Late Applications welcome for the Reserve List - Rolling Notification of acceptance


The Student Volunteer should:

  • Be enthusiastic & intelligent 
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Have experience & strong interest in HCI
  • Be fluent in English (Conference language)
  • Be reliable, punctual & organized
  • Be a self-starter
  • Be familiar and confident in using computers and other technological devices


  • Complimentary Conference Registration
    • conference proceedings in electronic format
    • entrance to the Opening Plenary Session and Keynote Speech
    • participation in seminars and other open technical sessions
    • entrance to the exhibition/ posters’ presentation area
    • conference reception and refreshment breaks between sessions
      (2 per day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon)
  • Complimentary Registration for up to two Tutorials of your choice
  • Provision of Luncheon for up to six days
  • Accommodation in a double room for up to six nights
  • Two Student Volunteer T–shirts

How To Apply

To be considered as a Student Volunteer for the HCII2023 Conference, you need to login and apply online through the Conference Management System (CMS).

During the online application process, you will be required to submit documentation, in English, from the College or University you attend, about your current student status (e.g. a scanned copy of an official letter duly signed and stamped).

This official document must also be presented when checking-in at the Conference.

Acceptance Notification

All applications received by the extended deadline of 14 February 2023 will be reviewed and volunteers selected will be notified by the 31st of March 2023 (new deadline). Prior to the acceptance notification, an interview may be conducted with the Conference Administration team, following prior arrangement through e-mail communication.

Additionally, a reserve list will be drawn up for applications received from eligible and qualified applicants, not initially selected.

Student applicants that are not selected to become volunteers will be offered the opportunity to register taking advantage of the early registration rate.

Late Applications

Applications received after the 14th of February 2023 deadline are welcome and will be placed in the reserve list to be considered in the order in which they are received.

Please note that HCII2023 Student Volunteers are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

If you have any questions, please send them via email to Student Volunteer Administration

Applicants selected, who have already registered and paid for their participation in the Conference, will receive a full refund.